Lord of the Flies


Main Details
Premiere Date 1963-08-13
Category Feature Film
Directed By Peter Brook
Writer (Novel) William Golding as 1954
Writer (Screenplay) Peter Brook
Actor James Aubrey as Ralph
Actor Tom Chapin as Jack
Actor Hugh Edwards as Piggy
Actor Roger Elwin as Roger
Actor Tom Gaman as Simon
Actor Roger Allan as Piers
Actor David Brunjes as Donald
Actor Peter Davy as Peter
Actor Kent Fletcher as Percival Wemys Madison
Actor Nicholas Hammond as Robert
Actor Christopher Harris as Bill
Actor Alan Heaps as Neville
Actor Jonathan Heaps as Howard
Actor Burnes Hollyman as Douglas
Actor Andrew Horne as Matthew
Actor Richard Horne as Lance
Actor Timothy Horne as Leslie
Actor Peter Ksiezopolski as Francis
Actor Anthony McCall-Judson as Maurice
Actor Malcolm Rodker as Harold
Actor David St. Clair as George
Actor Rene Sanfiorenzo Jr. as Charles
Actor Jeremy Scuse as Rowland
Actor John Stableford as Digby
Actor David Surtees as Sam
Actor Simon Surtees as Eric
Actor Nicholas Valkenburg as Rupert
Actor Patrick Valkenburg as Robin
Actor Edward Valencia as Frederick
Actor John Walsh as Michael
Actor David Walsh as Percy
Actor Jeremy Willis as Henry
Actress Tom Hollyman
Wardrobe Department Susan Fletcher
Production Two Arts Ltd.
Distributor British Lion Film Corporation as 1963 - UK
Distributor Continental Distributing as 1963 - USA
Notes Lost on an island, young survivors of a plane crash eventually revert to savagery despite the few rational boys' attempts to prevent that.


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