Zero Dark Thirty


Main Details
Premiere Date 2012-12-19
Alternative Titles
  • Цель Номер Один (Russian)
Category Feature Film
Director Kathryn Bigelow
Screenwriter Mark Boal
Starring Jessica Chastain as Maya
Starring Joel Edgerton as Patrick
Starring Chris Pratt as Justin
Starring Kyle Chandler as Joseph Bradley
Starring Jason Clarke as Dan
Starring Reda Kateb as Ammar
Starring Jennifer Ehle as Jessica
Starring Harold Perrineau as Jack
Starring Jeremy Strong as Thomas
Starring J.J. Kandel as J.J.
Starring Wahab Sheikh as Detainee on Monitor
Starring Alexander Karim as Detainee on Monitor
Starring Nabil Elouahabi as Detainee on Monitor
Starring Aymen Hamdouchi as Detainee on Monitor
Starring Simon Abkarian as Detainee on Monitor
Starring Parker Sawyers as Interrogator on Monitor
Starring Akin Gazi as Interrogator on Monitor
Starring Derek Siow as Interrogator on Monitor
Starring Fares Fares as Hakim
Starring Henry Garrett as Bagram Guard
Starring Homayoun Ershadi as Hassan Ghul
Starring David Menkin as Case Officer
Starring Scott Adkins as John
Starring Julian Lewis Jones as Blackwater Guard
Starring Christian Contreras as C.I.A. Security
Starring Lauren Shaw as Lauren
Starring Mark Strong as George
Starring John Antonini as Analyst at Embassy
Starring Jessica Collins as Debbie
Starring Fredric Lehne as The Wolf
Starring Edgar Ramirez as Larry from Ground Branch
Starring Jonathan Olley as Tech from Ground Branch
Starring Ben Lambert as N.S.A. Tech
Starring Daniel Lapaine as Tim
Starring Mark Duplass as Steve
Starring James Gandolfini as C.I.A. Director
Starring Stephen Dillane as National Security Advisor
Starring Martin Delaney as Assistant to National Security Advisor
Starring Anthony Edridge as General in Hangar
Starring John Barrowman as Jeremy
Starring Taylor Kinney as Jared
Starring Callan Mulvey as Saber
Starring Phil Somerville as Phil
Starring Nash Edgerton as Nate
Starring Mike Colter as Mike
Starring Frank Grillo as Squadron Commanding Officer
Starring Brett Praed as DEVGRU Operator
Starring Aron Eastwood as DEVGRU Operator
Starring Spencer Coursen as DEVGRU Operator
Starring Alex Corbet Burcher as DEVGRU Operator
Starring Alan Pietruszewski as Pilot
Starring Kevin LaRosa as Pilot
Starring M.D. Selig as Pilot
Starring Benjamin John Parrillo as Pilot
Starring Christopher Stanley as Admiral Bill McCraven
Starring Mark Valley as C-130 Pilot


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