The Amazing Chan And The Chan Clan


Main Details
Premiere Date 1972-09-09
Alternative Titles
  • The Amazing Chan Clan (English - Short)
Category TV Show / TV Series
Director William Hanna
Director Joseph Barbera
Voice Actor Keye Luke as Charlie Chan
Voice Actor Robert Ito as Henry Chan
Voice Actor Don Messick as Chu Chu the Dog
Voice Actor Brian Tochi as Alan Chan
Voice Actor Debbie Jue as Nancy Chan
Voice Actor Jay Jay Jue as Flip Chan
Voice Actor Leslie Juwai as Mimi Chan
Voice Actor Leslie Kumamota as Anne Chan
Voice Actor Virginia Ann Lee as Suzie Chan
Voice Actor Michael Takamoto as Tom Chan
Voice Actor Robin Toma as Scooter Chan
Voice Actor Stephen Wong as Stanley Chan
Voice Actor Gene Andrusco as Flip Chan (re-dubbed voice)
Voice Actor Jodie Foster as Anne Chan (re-dubbed voice)
Voice Actor John Gunn as Tom Chan (re-dubbed voice)
Voice Actor Beverly Kushida as Nancy Chan (re-dubbed voice)
Voice Actor Cherylene Lee as Suzie Chan/Mimi Chan (re-dubbed voice)
Voice Actor Michael Morgan as Scooter Chan (re-dubbed voice)
Voice Actor Lennie Weinrib as Stanley Chan (re-dubbed voice)
Broadcaster CBS
Production Company Hanna-Barbera Productions
Distributor (1976-1977) Taft, H-B Program Sales
Distributor Warner Bros. Television Distribution


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