The Reluctant Dragon


Main Details
Premiere Date 1941-06-20
Category Feature Film
Director (Live Action) Alfred Werker
Director (Animation) Hamilton Luske
Sequence Director Jack Cutting
Sequence Director Ub Iwerks
Sequence Directo Jack Kinney
Producer Walt Disney
Writer (Live Action) Ted Sears
Writer (Live Action) Al Perkins
Writer (Live Action) Larry Clemmons
Writer (Live Action) Bill Cottrell
Writer (Live Action) Harry Clork
Writer (Live Action) Robert Benchley
Writer (Reluctant Dragon Segment) Kenneth Grahame
Writer (Reluctant Dragon Segment) Erdman Penner
Writer (Reluctant Dragon Segment) T. Hee
Writer (Baby Weems Segment) Joe Grant
Writer (Baby Weems Segment) Dick Huemer
Writer (Baby Weems Segment) John Miller
Music Frank Churchill
Music Larry Morey
Cinematographer Bert Giennon
Editor Paul Weatherwax
Production Company Walt Disney Productions
Distributor RKO Radio Pictures


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