Main Details
Premiere Date 1991-09-17
Category TV Show / TV Series
Creator Adrian Edmondson
Creator Rik Mayall
Director Ed Bye
Director Bob Spiers
Broadcaster British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Cast Adrian Edmondson as Edward "Eddie" Hitler
Cast Rik Mayall as Richard "Richie" Richard
Cast Steve O'Donnell as Spudgun
Cast Christopher Ryan as Dave Hedgehog
Cast Lee Cornes as Dick Head
Cast Roger Sloman as Mr. Harrison
Notes Series 1
- Smells
- Gas
- Contest
- Apocalypse
- 's Up
- Accident
Series 2
- Digger
- Culture
- Burglary
- Parade
- Holy
- 's Out
Series 3
- Hole
- Terror
- Break
- Dough
- Finger
- Carnival


RoryHoy posted 1 year ago:

One of my absolute favourite shows as a child of the 1990's. Very juvenile and crude featuring lots of cartoony slapstick, cussing and sex jokes. It might be lowbrow, but I love it! Rik Mayall will be missed :(

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