Paradise Alley


Main Details
Premiere Date 1978-11-10
Category Feature Film
Written By, Directed By, Cast Sylvester Stallone as Cosmo Carboni
Cast Lee Canalito as Victor Carboni
Cast Armand Assante as Lenny Carboni
Cast Frank McRae as Big Glory
Cast Anne Archer as Annie
Cast Kevin Conway as Stitch
Cast Terry Funk as Frankie the Thumper
Cast Joe Spinell as Burp
Cast Tom Waits as Mumbles
Executive Producer Edward R. Pressman
Producer John F. Roach
Producer Ronald A. Suppa
Music By Bill Conti
Cinematography By László Kovács
Film Editing By Eve Newman
Production Design By John W. Corso
Production Company Force Ten Productions Inc.
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Notes Three Italian-American brothers, living in the slums of 1940's New York City, try to help each other with one's wrestling career using one brother's promotional skills and another brother's con-artist tactics to thwart a sleazy manager.


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