...E Tu Vivrai Nel Terrore! L'Aldilà


Main Details
Premiere Date 1981-04-22
Alternative Titles
  • El más allá (Argentina)
  • A Casa do Além (Brazil (video box title))
  • Terror nas Trevas (Brazil)
  • Седмата порта на ада (Bulgaria (Bulgarian title))
  • L'au-delà (Canada (French title))
  • Rædslernes hotel (Denmark (video title))
  • Woodoo - rædslernes hotel (Denmark)
  • L'au-delà (France)
  • Die Geisterstadt der Zombies (Germany)
  • I 7i pyli tis Kolaseos (Greece (transliterated title))
  • I evdomi pyli tis Kolaseos (Greece (DVD title))
  • Η έβδομη πύλη της κολάσεως (Greece)
  • Gwai seng siu siu (Hong Kong (Cantonese title))
  • Gui sheng xiao xiao (Hong Kong (Mandarin title))
  • A pokol hét kapuja (Hungary)
  • L'aldilà (Italy (short title))
  • Biyondo (Japan)
  • ビヨンド (Japan (Japanese title))
  • Las siete puertas del infierno (Mexico)
  • Hotel der verdoemden (Netherlands (informal literal title))
  • The Beyond (Norway)
  • Siedem bram piekieł (Poland)
  • As Sete Portas do Inferno (Portugal)
  • Седьмые врата ада (Soviet Union (Russian title))
  • El más allá (Spain)
  • The beyond (Sweden (video title))
  • Seven Doors of Death (USA (promotional title))
  • 7 Doors of Death (USA (cut version))
  • The Beyond (USA)
  • El más allá (Uruguay (video box title))
  • Geisterstadt der Zombies (West Germany (video box title))
  • Über dem Jenseits (West Germany)
  • Eibon - Die 7 Tore des Schreckens (West Germany (video title))
  • The Beyond (World-wide (English title))
  • And You Will Live in Terror: The Beyond (World-wide (English title) (literal English title))
Category Feature Film
Director Lucio Fulci
Writer (Story) Dardano Sacchetti
Writer (Screenplay) Dardano Sacchetti
Writer (Screenplay) Giorgio Mariuzzo
Writer (Screenplay) Lucio Fulci
Cast Katherine MacColl* as Liza Merril
Cast David Warbeck as Dr. John McCabe
Cast Sarah Keller* as Emily
Cast Antoine Saint-John as Schweick
Cast Veronica Lazar as Martha
Cast Anthony Flees* as Larry
Cast Giovanni De Nava as Joe The Plumber (credit only)
Cast Al Cliver as Dr. Harris
Cast Michele Mirabella as Martin Avery
Cast Giampaolo Saccarola as Arthur
Cast Maria Pia Marsala as Jill
Cast Laura De Marchi as Mary-Ann
Cast Calogero Azzaretto as Zombie At Hospital (uncredited)
Cast Ottaviano Dell'Acqua as Zombie At Hospital (uncredited)
Cast Roberto Dell'Acqua as Glass-Smashing Zombie (uncredited)
Cast Lucio Fulci as Town Clerk (uncredited)
Cast Gilberto Galimberti as Zombie (uncredited)
Cast T. David Pash as Mob Leader (uncredited)
Cast Tonino Pulci as Joe The Plumber (uncredited)
Cast Dardano Sacchetti as Mob Member (uncredited)
Cast Amedeo Salamon as Zombie At Hospital (uncredited)
Cast Sergio Salvati as Mob Member (uncredited)
Producer Fabrizio De Angelis
Music Fabio Frizzi
Music (U.S. Version) Walter E. Sear
Music (Aquarius Releasing Version: "7 Doors Of Death") Ira Yuspeh
Music (Aquarius Releasing Version: "7 Doors Of Death") Mitch Yuspeh
Cinematographer Sergio Salvati
Film Editor Vincenzo Tomassi
Production Designer Massimo Lentini
Costume Design Massimo Lentini
Make-up Artist Giannetto De Rossi
Hair Stylist Luciana Palombi
Make-up Artist Maurizio Trani
Unit Manager Tullio Lullo
General Organization T. David Pash as (uncredited)
Production Manager Larry Ray as (uncredited)
Assistant Director Roberto Giandalia
Set Dresser Alfredo D'Angelo
Assistant Designer Claudia Giammona
Property Assistant Franco Rinaldi
Property Master Rodolfo Ruzza
Poster Artist Enzo Sciotti as (uncredited)
Poster Designer Enzo Sciotti as (uncredited)
Sound Engineer Ugo Celani
Special Sound Effects Enzo Diliberto
Boom Operator Eros Giustini
Sound Mixer Bruno Moreal
Special Effects Germano Natali
Stunt Coordinator Nazzareno Cardinali
Camera Operator Franco Bruni
Still Photographer Alberto Cocchi*
Key Grip Lamberto Del Bene
Chief Electrician Alfredo Fedeli
Assistant Camera Maurizio Lucchini
Gaffer Joe Catalanotto as (uncredited)
Key Grip Joe Catalanotto as (uncredited)
Assistant Camera Wade Hanks as (uncredited)
Costumer Mary Marrow as (uncredited)
Assistant Editor Armando Pace
Assistant Editor Pietro Tomassi
Location Scout Larry Ray as (uncredited)
Orchestrator Giacomo Dell'Orso as (uncredited)
Musician: Keyboards Maurizio Guarini as (uncredited)
Musician: Drums Agostino Marangolo as (uncredited)
Continuity Rita Agostini
Dubbing Director Pino Colizzi
Production Secretary Fabrizio De Martino
Presenter: U.S. Version Terry Levene
Voice Dubbing: Al Cliver Cesare Barbetti as (uncredited)
Voice Dubbing: Michele Mirabella Manlio De Angelis as (uncredited)
Voice Dubbing: David Warbeck Gino La Monica as (uncredited)
Voice Dubbing: Lucio Fulci Mario Mastria as (uncredited)
Voice Dubbing: Cinzia Monreale Isabella Pasanisi as (uncredited)
Assistant To Producer Larry Ray as (uncredited)
Interpreter Larry Ray as (uncredited)
Voice Dubbing: Cinzia Monreale Emanuela Rossi as (uncredited)
Voice Dubbing: Catriona MacColl Serena Verdirosi as (uncredited)
Production Company Fulvia Film s.r.l. Rome*
Distributor Medusa Distribuzione as (1981) (Italy) (theatrical) (dubbed)
Distributor Alemannia/Arabella Filmverleih GmbH as (1981) (West Germany) (theatrical) (dubbed)
Distributor Eagle Films as (1981) (UK) (theatrical) (dubbed)
Distributor J.F. Films de Distribución S.A. as (1981) (Spain) (theatrical)
Distributor Union Générale Cinématographique (UGC) as (1981) (France) (theatrical)
Distributor Aquarius Releasing as (1983) (USA) (theatrical) (cut version) (dubbed)
Distributor Greater Union Organisation (GUO) as (1982) (Australia) (theatrical) (dubbed)
Distributor Astro (2) as (USA) (theatrical)
Distributor Creative Exposure as (1998) (Canada) (theatrical) (re-release)
Distributor Grindhouse Releasing as (1998) (USA) (theatrical) (first uncut U.S. release) (dubbed)
Distributor Rolling Thunder Pictures as (1998) (USA) (theatrical) (dubbed) (second re-release, in collaboration with)
Visual Effects Penta Studio
Music Copyright Deaf*
Sound Studios N.C.
Synchronization Collaboration C.D.
Special Sound Effects Studio Sound
Negatives Eastmancolor
Film Laboratory Technicolor®*
Transportation Romana Trasporti Cinematografici*
Costumes S.A.F.A.S.
Cameras And Equipment Provided By Cinenoleggio
Set Furnishings G.R.P.
Wigs Rocchetti Carboni*
Titles And Optical Effects Penta Studio
Filmed At In.Ci.R. De Paolis Studios Rome*
The Production Wishes To Thank: For Their Kind Collaboration The Louisiana Film Commission*
Digital Asset Servicing Arrow Media Services as (uncredited)
Notes A young woman inherits an old hotel in Louisiana where, following a series of supernatural "accidents", she learns that the building was built over one of the entrances to Hell.


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