Degrassi Junior High


Main Details
Premiere Date 1987
Category TV Show / TV Series
Creator Linda Schuyler
Creator Kit Hood
Broadcaster (Canada) Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC)
Broadcaster (United States) Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
Production Company Playing With Time Inc.
Actress Nicole Stoffman as Stephanie Kaye
Actress Niki Kemeny as Voula Grivogiannis
Actor Pat Mastroianni as Joey Jeremiah
Actor Duncan Waugh as Arthur Kobalewscuy
Actor Siluck Saysanasy as Yick Yu
Actor Stefan Brogren as Archie "Snake" Simpson
Actress Sarah Charlesworth as Susie Rivera
Actor Neil Hope as Derek "Wheels" Wheeler
Actor Bill Parrott as Shane McKay
Actress Anais Granofsky as Lucy Fernandez
Actress Angela Deiseach as Erica Farrell
Actress Maureen Deiseach as Heather Farrell
Actress Sara Ballingall as Melanie Brodie
Actress Rebecca Haines as Kathleen Mead
Actor Craig Driscoll as Rick Munro
Actress Stacie Mistysyn as Caitlin Ryan
Actress Amanda Stepto as Christine "Spike" Nelson
Actress Amanda Cook as Lorraine "L.D." Delacorte
Actress Irene Courakos as Alexa Pappadopoulos
Actor Michael Carry as Simon Dexter
Actor Dayo Ade as Bryant Lester "B.L.T." Thomas
Actress Cathy Keenan as Liz O'Rourke
Actress Maureen McKay as Michelle Accette
Actor Darrin Brown as Dwayne Myers
Actor Dan Woods as Daniel "Dan" Raditch


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