Il Vero E Il Falso


Main Details
Premiere Date 1972
Alternative Titles
  • Manoeuvres Criminelles D'un Procureur De La République (French)
  • A Injustiça Da Justiça (Portuguese)
  • El Verdadero Y El Falso (Spanish)
  • Allein Gegen Das Gesetz (German)
  • The Hassled Hooker ( USA ) (English)
  • The True And The False ( USA ) (English)
Category Feature Film
Director Eriprando Visconti
Assistant Mimmola Girosi as Assistant Director
Subject Enzo Gicca*
Screenplay Luigi Malerba
Screenplay Eriprando Visconti
Producer Bruno Turchetto
Production Company Euro International Film (EIA)
Production Company Explorer Film '58
Director Of Photography Marcello Gatti
Film Editor Antonio Siciliano
Production Designer Umberto Turco
Creator Umberto Turco as Costume Design
Creator Raoul Ranieri* as Make-up
Sound Francesco Groppioni*
Music Giorgio Gaslini
Starring Terence Hill as Marco Manin, The Lawyer
Starring Martin Balsam as District Attorney Turrisi
Actress Paola Pitagora as Luisa Santini
Actor Adalberto Maria Merli as Claudio Santini
Actress Shirley Corrigan as Norma Zeitzler
Actress Maria Teresa Albani as Adalgisa Alberti
Actor Calisto Calisti as Petrol Pump Attendant
Actor Ettore Geri as Lawyer De Vecchi ( 1st Criminal Trial )
Actor Piero Gerlini as President Of 1st Criminal Trial In Latina
Actor Luigi Montini as Police Superintendant In Rome
Actor Alessandro Sperli as President Of 2nd Criminal Trial In Rome
Actor Pietro Tordi as "Carabinieri" Officier In Latina
Actress Esmeralda Ruspoli as Giulia Turrisi
Actor Vittorio Sanipoli as Attorney General
Actor Simmons Barrie as Officer Of Criminal Laboratory Department
Actor Giovanni Brusatori* as Man In Car During Norma Zeitzler Murder
Actor Francesco D'Adda as Morgue Writer
Actor Antonio Della Rocca as Brunetti
Actress Bianca Doria as Witness
Actor Nestore Garay* as Doctor In Rome
Actor George Koveos* as Hunter
Actor Gian Paolo Marras as Petrol Pump Boy
Actor Alfredo Nardi as Fireman
Actor Salvatore Puntillo as Police Superintendant In Latina
Actor Enzo Robutti as Manca, Turrisi Assistant In Rome
Actor Carlo Romeo as "Carabiniere"
Actor Luca Sportelli as Police Doctor In Morgue
Actor Orazio Stracuzzi as Policeman In Latina Office
Actor Ugo Tonti as Berti
Actor Enrico Formichi
Actor Luigi Antonio Guerra
Actress Carla Mancini
Actor Francesco Sormano
Actress Rita Calderoni as Wife Of Manin ( Scenes Deleted )
Actress Dolores Calò as Woman ( Uncredited )
Actor Nestore Cavaricci as Witness ( Uncredited )
Actor Dante Cleri as Officer Of Justice ( Uncredited )
Actor Alberigo Donadeo as Train Station Passenger ( Uncredited )
Actress Vera Drudi as Nun Working In Jail ( Uncredited )
Actor Ferruccio Fregonese as Man ( Uncredited )
Actress Isabelle Marchall as Edith Mollendorf ( Uncredited )
Actor Giuseppe Marrocco as Jury In Rome ( Uncredited )
Actor Giuseppe Monteverdi as Fireman ( Uncredited )
Actress Lucia Righi as Woman At Court ( Uncredited )
Actor Luigi Scavran as Waiter ( Uncredited )
Actor Valentino Simeoni as Man ( Uncredited )
Actress Maria Tedeschi as Jury In Rome ( Uncredited )
Notes The movie was shot in Latina ( 80 kilometers south of Rome ) plus few additional scenes in Rome.
The studio scenes was filmed at Encir De Paolis Studios, Rome.
Concerning the exact locations see :

Rita Calderoni, featuring in the movie credits, does not appear in the film, as her role (Terence Hill's wife) was sacrificed for editing.


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