The Private Life Of A Masterpiece: Gustav Klimt - The Kiss


Main Details
Premiere Date 2005
Category TV Show / TV Series
Artist Gustav Klimt
Series Editor Jeremy Bugler
Producer Lucy Hetherington
Director John Bush
Writer Russell Davies
Narrator Samuel West
Head of Production Leona Cowley
Production Manager Helen McAulay Stewart
Production Assistant Clare Lynch
Editor Imogen Pollard
Sound Günther Tuppinger
Dubbing Mixer Peter Jeffreys
Camera Ken Morse
Featuring Richard Cork
Featuring Germaine Greer
Featuring Christopher Riopelle
Featuring Rowan Pelling
Featuring John Collins
Featuring John Malkovich
Featuring Gerbert Frodl
Featuring Frank Whitford
Featuring Wolfgang Fischer
Featuring Shearer West
Featuring Stephan Koja
Featuring Christine Powell
Featuring Bettina Urban
Featuring Angelica Bäumer
Featuring Alice Ströbl
Featuring Susanna Partsch
Featuring Alfred Weidinger
Reader Michael Mueller


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