The Private Life Of A Masterpiece: Pablo Picasso - Les Demoiselles d'Avignon


Main Details
Premiere Date 2004
Category TV Show / TV Series
Artist Pablo Picasso
Series Editor Jeremy Bugler
Producer Lucy Hetherington
Director Judith Winnan
Writer Russell Davies
Narrator Samuel West
Head of Production Leona Cowley
Production Manager Helen McAulay Stewart
Editor Madoc Roberts
Camera David Blackman
Dubbing Mixer Peter Jeffreys
Researcher Esther Barnard
Featuring Jonathan Jones
Featuring Germaine Greer
Featuring John Elderfield
Featuring Natasha Staller
Featuring John Golding
Featuring Brigitte Leal
Featuring Robert Rosenblum
Featuring John Richardson*
Featuring Pepe Karmel
Featuring Tamar Garb
Featuring Pierre Daix
Featuring James Coddington
Featuring Anne Baldassari
Featuring Michael Duffy
Featuring Mike Bidlo


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