The Private Life Of A Masterpiece: Leonardo da Vinci - The Last Supper


Main Details
Premiere Date 2006
Category TV Show / TV Series
Artist Leonardo da Vinci
Series Editor Jeremy Bugler
Executive Producer Lucy Hetherington
Director Ian Michael Jones
Script Editor Russell Davies
Narrator Samuel West
Production Manager Helen McAulay Stewart
Head of Production Leona Cowley
Production Assistant Esther Barnard
Camera Spike Geilinger
Sound Paul Parsons
Dubbing Mixer Peter Jeffreys
Editor Will Oswald
Featuring Camille Paglia
Featuring Luke Syson
Featuring Jonathan Nelson
Featuring Martin Kemp
Featuring Charles Nicholl
Featuring Cristina Acidini
Featuring Jonathan Jones
Featuring Martin Clayton
Featuring Monsignor Timothy Verdon
Featuring David Rosand
Featuring Pietro C. Marani
Featuring Alessandro Vezzosi
Featuring Tom Sokolowski*
Featuring Pinin Brambilla
Music Frédéric Chopin
Music Antonio Vivaldi


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