Waking The Baby Mammoth


Main Details
Premiere Date 2009-04-26
Alternative Titles
  • Le réveil du bébé mammouth (France)
  • Die Rückkehr des Mammuts (Germany (DVD title))
Category Feature Film
Director Pierre Stine
Writer Adrienne Ciuffo
Actress Elena Baranova as (voice)
Actor Bernard Buigues as Self
Actor Victor Garber as Narrator (voice)
Actor H. Richard Greene as (voice)
Actor Vadim Suslov as (voice)
Producer Adrienne Ciuffo
Executive Producer Chris Valentini
Music Mark Adler
Cinematographer Florent Herry
Cinematographer Jean-Gabriel Leynaud
Cinematographer Pierre Stine
Film Editor Joël Franka*
Executive In Charge Of Production Steve Burns
Unit Manager Ashley Lorenzo*
Production Manager Karen B. Greenfield
Post-Production Manager Virginie Miesse
Production Manager Melissa Robledo
Painter Pier Lefebvre
Re-Recording Mixer Henri Michiels
Sound Mixer Jean-Yves Munch
Sound Effects Editor Olivier Ronval
Sound Recordist Olivier Ronval
Visual Effects Ian Allard
Visual Effects Sylvain Allard
Visual Effects Technical Director Andrei Aniculaesei
Visual Effects Artist Raul Baeza
Visual Effects Editor Mike Barber
Compositor Nestor Benito
Visual Effects Producer Laurence Berkani
Visual Effects Artist Nicolas Cornet
Compositing Supervisor Etienne Daigle
Visual Effects Supervisor Mikaël Damant-Sirois
Compositor Nicolas Deziel
Coordinator: VFX Karina Di Cunto
Visual Effects Assistant Producer Karina Di Cunto
Visual Effects Technical Director Emmanuel Dumont
Rigging Artist Matthieu Fiorilli
Animator Maxime Garneau
Animation Supervisor Pascal Grenier
Visual Effects Dominic Guilmette
Compositor Emanuel LaFrance
Wrangling Department Lead David Lalonde
Compositor David Larochelle
Visual Effects Administrator Nathaniel Leu
Lighting Artist Geoff Marshall
Animator Lucio Mennillo
Matchmover Etienne Poulin St-Laurent
Visual Effects Director Francis Provencher
Visual Effects Resident Evil Retribution
Lighting Artist Jean-Pierre Riverin
Animator Kevin Seivewright
Visual Effects Carrie*
Visual Effects Director Mark Visser
Visual Effects Crew Christina Zervos
Camera Operator LoÏc Delvaulx
Rigger Matthieu Fiorilli
Gaffer Naoki Fujita
Gaffer Dean Horn
Camera Operator Jean-Gabriel Leynaud
Assistant Camera Stéphane Vaillant
Animator Yann Tremblay
Colorist Laurent Begouin
On-Line Editor Laurent Begouin
Colorist Loran Bégouin
Location Manager Andrei Klimov
Senior Vice President Of Production Michael Cascio
Researcher Bob Connelly
Consultant Franck Desplanques
Production Assistant Marion Ashley Said*
Consultant Alla Savranskaia
Translator Kirill Serotetto
Translator Junko Takahashi
Production Company Woollyworks
Distributor NHK as (2010) (Japan) (TV)
Notes The discovery of a rare, well-preserve, juvenile, woolly mammoth provides an unparalleled opportunity to learn about this extinct species. National Geographic rides along as the full battery of state-of-the-art analytical methods reveal its secrets.


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