Colpo rovente


Main Details
Premiere Date 1970
Alternative Titles
  • The Syndicate: A Death In The Family ( USA / Dubbed Version ) (English)
  • Red Hot Shot (English)
Category Feature Film
Director Piero Zuffi
Assistant Tony Brandt as Assistant Director
Assistant Joe Pollini as Assistant Director
Subject Piero Zuffi
Screenplay Piero Zuffi
Screenplay Ennio Flaiano as Collaboration
Producer Roberto Loyola
Executive Producer Roberto Loyola
Production Company Roberto Loyola Cinematografica
Director Of Photography Pasqualino De Santis
Film Editor Franco Arcalli
Production Designer Piero Zuffi
Creator Piero Zuffi as Costume Design
Creator Massimo De Rossi as Make-up
Creator Silvio Braconi as Special Effects ( Visual Effects )
Sound Silvio Braconi
Sound Luciano Anzellotti
Music Piero Piccioni
Actor Michael Reardon as Frank Berin
Actress Barbara Bouchet as Monica Brown
Actor Carmelo Bene as Billy Desco
Actress Susanna Martinkov√° as Fanny, The Blind Girl
Actor David Groh as Don Carbo
Actor Victor Duncan* as Mac Brown
Actress Isa Miranda as Brothel Owner
Actor Eduardo Ciannelli as Parker
Actor Ugo Fangareggi as Hippy
Actor Nello Pazzafini as Policeman
Actor John McDouglas*
Actor Benny Stevens
Actor John Frederick
Actor Tony Brandt
Actor Emilio Delle Piane
Actor Frank Gonzales
Actress Margaret Lee
Actor John Mazzadra
Actress Helen Mirren
Actress Ileana Rigano
Actor Ben Sanders
Actor Richard Stenta
Actor Vladimiro Tuicovich*
Actress Victoria Zinny
Notes The movie was shot in New York City, plus some additional scenes in Acapulco, Mexico.
The filming lasted from July 1969 to October 1969.


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