Space Adventure Cobra


Main Details
Premiere Date 1993
Category Other
Based on the graphic novel Buichi Terasawa
Script By Buichi Terasawa
Script By Haruya Yamazaki
Director Of Photography Hirokata Takahashi
Director of Recording Satoshi Kato
Music Yello
Remixed By Boris Blank
Notes This is the later version where Yello (Boris Blank) created the soundtrack and remixed some of the existing music.

1. Drive driven
2. Rubberband Man
3. Of course
4. MM suspense (remixed by Boris Blank)
5. Suite 909
6. Hawaiian chance
7. Zebra
8. MM tension (remixed by Boris Blank)
9. How how
10. Necros theme (remixed by Boris Blank)
11. Sweet thunder
12. Blue green
13. Night train
14. Do It


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