The Flight of Dragons


Main Details
Premiere Date 1982-08-17
Category Feature Film
Director Jules Bass
Director Arthur Rankin Jr.
Producer Jules Bass
Producer Arthur Rankin Jr.
Writer (Screenplay) Romeo Muller
Voice Actor John Ritter as Peter Dickinson
Voice Actor Paul Frees as Solarius the Blue Wizard, Antiquity
Voice Actor Nellie Bellflower as Danielle
Voice Actor Bob McFadden as Gorbash and Sir Orrin Neville-Smythe
Voice Actor Don Messick as Lo Tae Zhao, Giles the Elf
Voice Actor Larry Storch as Pawnbroker
Voice Actor Harry Morgan as Carolinus
Voice Actor James Earl Jones as Ommadon
Voice Actor James Gregory as Smrgol and Bryagh
Voice Actor Victor Buono as Aragh
Production Company Rankin Bass*


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