Nous avons bu la même eau


Main Details
Premiere Date 2008-05-18
Category Feature Film
Director Serge Avédikian
Notes Invited to a theatre festival in Istanbul during the summer of 1987, Serge Avedikian could not help crossing the Marmara Sea to find Soloz, the village of his Armenian grandfather, Avédis.
Of this day, which never ceased to obsess him, remain images half-stolen and unfinished, showing the furtive traces of a community driven out in 1922: a destroyed church and magnificent tombstones lying... scattered, reused or abandoned. But the dialogue with the inhabitants is still incomplete.
Almost 20 years later, the director wishes to Return to Soloz, to break the taboo so strongly anchored between Armenians and Turks, and, without abandoning the past, to return the gaze to the future.


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