Roma, L'altra Faccia Della Violenza


Main Details
Premiere Date 1976
Alternative Titles
  • L'autre Côté De La Violence (French)
  • A Outra Face De Roma (Portuguese)
  • Más Allá De La Violencia (Spanish)
  • Rome: The Other Side Of Violence ( USA ) (English)
  • Die Blutigen Spiele Der Reichen (German)
Category Feature Film
Director Franco Martinelli*
Assistant Romano Scandariato as Assistant Director
Subject Franco Clerici*
Subject Vincenzo Mannino
Subject Claire Sinko Solleville
Screenplay Franco Clerici*
Screenplay Vincenzo Mannino
Screenplay Claire Sinko Solleville
Producer Fulvio Lucisano
Production Company Italian International Film
Production Company Les Productions Fox Europa
Director Of Photography Gianni Bergamini*
Film Editor Daniele Alabiso
Production Designer Antonio Visone
Creator Silvana Scandariato as Costume Design
Creator Alberto Travaglini* as Make-up
Sound Ludovico Scardella
Music Bixio*
Music Frizzi*
Music Tempera*
Starring Marcel Bozzuffi as Police Commissioner Carli
Starring Anthony Steffen as Engineer Alessi
Actor Enio Girolami* as Police Commissioner Ferreri
Actor Jean Favre as Giulio Laurenti
Actress Roberta Paladini as Carol Alessi
Actor Sergio Fiorentini as Marcello Nardi, The Florist
Actor Stefano Patrizi as Giorgio Alessi
Actor Franco Citti as Berté
Actor Enzo Andronico as Lawyer Tarantini
Actor Francesco Ferracini as Donati "Er Biondo"
Actor Umberto Liberati as Stefano Righi
Actor Aldo Massasso as Superintendent
Actor Valerio Merola as Andrea
Actor Marcello Monti as Monti
Actor Luca Raffa as Fabrizio
Actor Aristide Caporale as Man In The Bar ( Uncredited )
Actor Nestore Cavaricci as Policeman ( Uncredited )
Actor Raffaele Di Mario as Hotel Concierge (Uncredited )
Actor Franco Diogene as Laurenti's Lawyer ( Uncredited )
Actor Attilio Dottesio as Victim Of A Robbery ( Uncredited )
Actor Tom Felleghy as Ludovici ( Uncredited )
Actress Lina Franchi as Prostitute ( Uncredited )
Actor Benito Pacifico as Robber ( Uncredited )
Actress Teresa Rossi Passante as Woman At The Funeral ( Uncredited )
Actor Umberto Santolamazza as Gangster ( Uncredited )
Actress Franca Scagnetti as Woman In The Angry Crowd ( Uncredited )
Actor Valentino Simeoni as Man In Bathroom In The Hotel ( Uncredited )
Actor Gianni Solaro as Engineer Laurenti
Actor Massimo Vanni as Vanni ( Uncredited )
Actor Giovanni Vannini as Lawyer ( Uncredited )
Actor Luciano Zanussi as Man At The Funeral ( Uncredited )
Actress Rina Mascetti as Florist Woman ( Uncredited )
Actor Rolando De Santis as Man In The Angry Crowd ( Uncredited )
Actor Settimio Scacco as Criminal Arrested At The Billiard Room ( Uncredited )
Actress Sandra Wolff as Woman Robbed ( Uncredited )
Actress Dolores Calò as Woman In The Angry Crowd ( Uncredited )
Actress Iolanda Fortini as Woman In The Angry Crowd ( Uncredited )
Actress Lella Cattaneo as Woman Robbed ( Uncredited )
Actor Pino Ferrara as Man Outside The Stadium ( Uncredited )
Actor Sergio Smacchi as Robber At The Station ( Uncredited )
Actor Angelo Ragusa as Robber At The Station ( Uncredited )
Actor Franco Ukmar as Policeman ( Uncredited )
Actor Vittorio Ripamonti as Man Robbed ( Uncredited )
Actor Dino Mattielli as Gigi ( Uncredited )
Notes The movie was entirely shot in Rome except for few additional scenes at Guidonia Montecelio ( near Rome ). ( see )


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