Spara, Gringo, Spara


Main Details
Premiere Date 1968
Alternative Titles
  • Tire Django, Tire (French)
  • Niji Ni Tatsu Ganman (Japanese)
  • Stark, El Pistolero (Spanish)
  • Im Staub Der Sonne (German)
  • The Longest Hunt ( USA ) (English)
  • Shoot, Gringo... Shoot! ( USA ) (English)
Category Feature Film
Director Frank B. Corlish*
Assistant Roberto Pariante as Assistant Director
Subject Bruno Corbucci
Subject Mario Amendola
Screenplay Bruno Corbucci
Screenplay Mario Amendola
Producer Giuseppe Zaccariello as Uncredited
Producer William Sachs as Uncredited
Executive Producer Arthur Steloff as Uncredited
Production Company Cemo Film
Director Of Photography Fausto Zuccoli
Film Editor Sergio Montanari
Art Director Giorgio Bertolini
Creator Luciana Marinucci as Costume Design
Creator Giuseppe Capogrosso as Make-up
Stunt Coordinator Pasquale Basile
Sound Pietro Vesperini
Music Sante Maria Romitelli
Starring Brian Kelly as Chad Stark
Starring Fabrizio Moroni as Fidel
Starring Keenan Wynn as Maj. Charlie Doneghan
Actor Folco Lulli as Don Hernando Gutierrez
Actress Erika Blanc as Sally Londonderry
Actor Rik Battaglia as Capt. Norton
Actor Giovanni Pallavicino as Gordon York
Actor Luigi Bonos as Sgt. Peck
Actor Enzo Andronico as Gunther
Actor Furio Meniconi as Dickson
Actress Krista Nell as Tina
Actor Lino Desmond* as Londonderry
Actor Ignazio Leone as Doctor
Actress Linda Sini as Dona Sol Gutierrez
Actor Luca Sportelli as Bartender
Actor Emiliano Aleman as Outlaw
Actor Robert Anthony as Outlaw
Actor Alvaro Arnez* as Outlaw
Actor Fortunato Arena as Sheriff
Actor James Mendez* as Pablo
Actor Paul Wolff* as 1st Deputy Sheriff
Actor Peter Breeze as 2nd Deputy Sheriff
Actor Roland Bartrop* as Warner
Actor Diego Cardenas as Outlaw
Actor George Thnder* as Soldier In Doneghan's Army
Actress Bonnie Miles* as Rosita
Actor David Glass as Soldier
Actor Jerry Downes* as Outlaw
Actor Manuel Juarez as Miguel
Actor Francis Langoise as Soldier
Actor Gil Lockwood as Soldier
Actor José Manuel López L. as Outlaw
Actor Antonio López as Outlaw
Actor Samuel Stevens* as Sheriff
Actor Van Lanen* as Soldier In Doneghan's Army
Actor Red Buchanan* as Soldier In Doneghan's Army
Actor Mark Mellot* as Soldier In Doneghan's Army
Actor Phil Peters as Outlaw
Actor Armando Garcia* as Fuertas
Actor EricK Fisher* as Outlaw
Actor Herbert Potter as Soldier
Actor Jose Ruiz Cortine* as Outlaw
Actress Arlene Saunders as Mrs. Londonderry
Actor John Scarsdale as Soldier
Actor Corey Shelton as Soldier
Actor Porfirio Tamayo as Outlaw
Actress Henrietta Vigne as Doctor's Wife
Actor Leo Gavero
Actor Omero Capanna as Soldier ( Uncredited )
Actor Riccardo Petrazzi as Brawler ( Uncredited )
Actor Sergio Smacchi as Brawler ( Uncredited )
Actor Sergio Ukmar as Brawler ( Uncredited )
Actor Rinaldo Zamperla as Brawler ( Uncredited )
Notes The movie was shot in Almería, Andalucía, Spain.
The studio scenes was filmed at Estudios Cinematográficos Balcázar, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.
The filming lasted from March to June 1968.


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