Breaking the Surface: The Greg Louganis Story


Main Details
Premiere Date 1997-03-19
Category Feature Film
Director Steven Hilliard Stern
Writer (Book) Greg Louganis
Writer (Book) Eric Marcus
Broadcaster USA Network
Production Company Green/Epstein Productions
Production Company USA Network Pictures
Production Company World International Network (WIN)
Actor Mario Lopez as Greg Louganis
Actor Michael Murphy as Pete Louganis
Actress Rosemary Dunsmore as Frances Louganis
Actor Jeffrey Meek as Tom Barrett
Actor Aki Aleong as Dr. Sammy Lee
Actor Bruce Weitz as Ron O'Brien
Actor Jonathan Scarfe as Keith
Actress Megan Leitch as Megan
Actor Fulvio Cecere as John Anders
Actor Patrick David as Young Greg Louganis
Actor Rafael Rojas III as Greg Louganis (Age 9)


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