The Mommies


Main Details
Premiere Date 1993-09-18
Category TV Show / TV Series
Creator Terry Grossman
Creator Kathy Speer
Broadcaster National Broadcasting Company (NBC)
Production Company Speer-Grossman Productions
Production Company Paramount Network Television
Actress Caryl Kristensen as Caryl Kellogg
Actress Marilyn Kentz as Marilyn Larson
Actor Robin Thomas as Paul Kellogg (1993–1994)
Actor Lane Davies as Paul Kellogg (1995)
Actor Sam Gifaldi as Danny Kellogg
Actor Ryan Merriman as Blake Kellogg
Actor David Dukes as Jack Larson
Actor Shiloh Strong as Adam Larson
Actress Ashley Peldon as Kasey Larson
Actress Jennifer Blanc as Tiffany (1993–1994)
Actress Julia Duffy as Barb Ballantine
Actor Peter Scolari as Ken Ballantine
Actor Jere Burns as Tom Booker (1994–1995)


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