La morte Ha Fatto L'uovo


Main Details
Premiere Date 1968
Alternative Titles
  • La Mort A Pondu Un Oeuf (French)
  • Dos Menos Uno, Tres (Spanish)
  • Death Laid An Egg (English)
  • Die Falle (German)
Category Feature Film
Director Giulio Questi
Assistant Mario Pippa as Assistant Director
Assistant Renato Romano as Assistant Director
Writer Giulio Questi
Writer Franco Arcalli
Producer Franco Marras as Uncredited
Production Company Summa Cinematografica
Production Company Cine Azimut - Rome*
Production Company Les Films Corona - Paris*
Director Of Photography Dario Di Palma
Film Editor Franco Arcalli
Production Designer Alfredo Di Santo
Art Director Sergio Canevari
Creator Marilù Carteny as Costume Design
Creator Lamberto Marini as Make-up
Sound Eugenio Rondani
Music Bruno Maderna
Starring Gina Lollobrigida as Anna
Starring Jean Louis Trintignant* as Marco
Actress Ewa Aulin as Gabrielle
Actor Jean Sobieski as Mr. Mondaini
Actor Renato Romano as Luigi
Actor Vittorio André as President
Actor Giulio Donnini as Hotel Concierge
Actor Biagio Pelligra as Chemical Operator
Actress Cleofe Del Cile as Prostitute In The Motel
Actor Aldo Bonamano as Police Inspector
Actress Margherita Horowitz as Marco's Secretary
Actor Conrad Andersen as Secretary Of The Association
Actress Monica Millesi
Actor Ugo Adinolfi
Actress Rina De Filippo
Actor Livio Ferraro
Actor Mario Guizzardi
Actress Barbara Pignaton
Actor Giuliano Raffaelli
Actor Jean Rougeul
Actor Giancarlo Sisti
Actress Ludmil Trifonof
Actor Angelo Casadei as Fired Workman ( Uncredited )
Actor Alessandro Tedeschi as Party Guest ( Uncredited )
Notes The movie was shot in Rome.

Originally released with a duration of 110 mins, it was then reprinted but shortened by about twenty minutes eliminating completely the character played by Renato Romano and the parts considered more rough. In the Italian DVD edition, unfortunately, there is only the 2nd version.


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