The Oz Kids


Main Details
Premiere Date 1996-09-14
Category TV Show / TV Series
Creator Willard Carroll
Broadcaster American Broadcasting Company (ABC)
Production Company Hyperion Pictures
Production Company Canal+
Production Company Wang Film Productions Company
Voice Actor Julianne Michelle as Dot Hugson
Voice Actor Shay Astar as Andrea
Voice Actor Bradley Pierce as Boris
Voice Actor Benjamin Salisbury as Tin Boy
Voice Actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Scarecrow, Jr.
Voice Actor Eric Lloyd as Neddie Hugson
Voice Actor Frank Welker as Toto
Voice Actor Shayna Fox as Bela
Voice Actor Aaron Michael Metchik as Jack Pumpkinhead, Jr.
Voice Actor Erika Schickel as Dorothy Gale Hugson/Glinda the Good Witch
Voice Actor Ross Maplettoft as Zeb Hugson/Jack Pumpkinhead, Sr.
Voice Actor Andy Milder as Scarecrow, Sr.
Voice Actor Steve Stoliar as Tin Woodman
Voice Actor Lori Alan as Patchwork Girl
Voice Actor Lawrence Tierney as Rick
Voice Actor Jarrett Lennon as Toby
Voice Actor Jason Renfro as Gumpette
Voice Actor Darlene Cornley as Mombi
Voice Actor Chauncey Leopardi as Otto


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