Big Brother Jake


Main Details
Premiere Date 1990-09-02
Category TV Show / TV Series
Creator Chris Auer
Broadcaster The Family Channel
Production Company International Family Entertainment
Actor Jake Steinfeld as Jake Rozzner
Actress Barbara Meek as Connie "Ma" Duncan
Actor Ben Siegler as Gary MacClemore
Actor Josiah Trager as Loomis "Lou" Washington
Actress Gabrielle Carmouche as Kateri Monroe
Actor Jeremy Wieand as Andy King
Actor Daniel Hilfer as Dave King
Actress Elizabeth Narvaez as Jill Kenyon (1990–1992)
Actress Melody Combs as Jane O'Hara (1991–1993)
Actress Rachelle Guzy as Caroline (1992-1994)
Actress Denise Devin as Miss Meg Morgan (1990-1991)
Actress Jane Connell as Miss Roberta Domedian (1991-1994)


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