The Danny Thomas Show


Main Details
Premiere Date 1953-09-29
Alternative Titles
  • Make Room For Daddy (English)
Category TV Show / TV Series
Executive Producer Louis F. Edelman
Actor Danny Thomas as Danny Williams
Actress Jean Hagen as Margaret Williams (1953–1956)
Actress Marjorie Lord as Kathy "Clancey" O'Hara Williams (1957–1964)
Actor Rusty Hamer as Rusty Williams
Actress Angela Cartwright as Linda Williams (1957–1964)
Actress Sherry Jackson as Terry Williams (1953–1958)
Actress Penney Parker as Terry Williams (1959–1960)
Actress Louise Beavers as Louise (1953–1955)
Actress Amanda Randolph as Louise (1955–1964)
Broadcaster (1953–1957) American Broadcasting Company (ABC)
Broadcaster (1957–1964) CBS
Production Company (1953–1962) Marterto Enterprises
Production Company (1962–1964) T&L Productions


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