The Adventures of the American Rabbit


Main Details
Premiere Date 1986-01-17
Category Feature Film
Director Nobutaka Nishizawa
Director Fred Wolf
Distributor Clubhouse Pictures
Production Company Murakami Wolf Swenson
Production Company Toei Animation
Voice Actor Barry Gordon as American Rabbit/Rob/Punk Jackal
Voice Actor Laurie O'Brien as Bunny O'Hare
Voice Actor Bob Arbogast as Teddy/Penguin 2
Voice Actor Ken Mars as Walt/Vultor the Buzzard
Voice Actor Pat Fraley as Tini Meeny
Voice Actor Russi Taylor as Rob's Mother/Lamb
Voice Actor Bob Holt as Rotten Rodney, Jackal Biker Leader/Penguin 3
Voice Actor Norm Lenzer as Brutal Bruno, Assistant Head Jackal
Voice Actor Lorenzo Music as Ping Pong
Voice Actor Hal Smith as Mentor/Mad Marvin, Sergeant-At-Arms Jackal/Too Loose


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