The Adventures Of Mark Twain


Main Details
Premiere Date 1985-07-26
Category Feature Film
Director Will Vinton
Distributor Clubhouse Pictures
Production Company Harbour Towns
Production Company Will Vinton Productions
Based on the works of Mark Twain
Voice Actor James Whitmore as Mark Twain
Voice Actor Michele Mariana as Becky Thatcher / The Mysterious Stranger / Girl In Crowd
Voice Actor Gary Krug as Huck Finn
Voice Actor Chris Ritchie as Tom Sawyer
Voice Actor John Morrison as Adam
Voice Actor Carol Edelman as Eve
Voice Actor Dallas McKennon as Jim Smiley
Voice Actor Herb Smith as The Stranger
Voice Actor Marley Stone as Aunt Polly
Voice Actor Wilbur Vincent as The Mysterious Stranger
Voice Actor Wally Newman as Captain Stormfield
Voice Actor Tim Conner as Three-Headed Alien
Voice Actor Todd Tolces as Saint Peter
Voice Actor Billy Scream as The Indexivator/Animals
Voice Actor Will Vinton as Dan'l Webster
Voice Actor Billy Victor as God
Voice Actor Compton Downs as Injun Joe
Voice Actor Gary Thompson as Baby Cain


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