Änglagård: Tredje Gången Gillt


Main Details
Premiere Date 2010-12-25
Alternative Titles
  • House Of Angels – Third Time Lucky (English)
  • Änglagård: Alle Gode Ting Er Tre (Norwegian)
  • Дом Aнгелов - B Tретий Pаз Повезет (Russian)
Category Feature Film
Director Colin Nutley
Writer Colin Nutley
Actress Helena Bergström as Fanny Zander
Actor Rikard Wolff as Zac
Actor Sven Wollter as Axel Flogfält
Actor Reine Brynolfsson as Henning Collmer
Actor Tord Peterson as Ivar Pettersson
Actor Jakob Eklund as Mårten Flogfält
Actor Jan Mybrand as Per-Ove Ågren
Actress Ing-Marie Carlsson as Eva Ågren
Actress Lena T. Hansson as Mona
Actress Molly Nutley as Alice Zander


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