Main Details
Premiere Date 2011-06-21
Alternative Titles
  • The Bunnyman Massacre (Germany)
  • Спрятаться негде (Russia)
Category Feature Film
Director Carl Lindbergh
Writer (Screenplay) Carl Lindbergh
Cast Cheryl Texiera as Rachel
Cast Matthew Phillips* as John
Cast Alaina Agianci as Tiffany
Cast Veronica Wylie as Jenn
Cast Scott Kuza as Jack / Pops
Cast Karen Brown Cronin as Bunnyman Victim
Cast Andrew Chavez as Victim Under House
Cast Joseph Darden as Jacob
Cast Joshua Lang as Joseph / Bunnyman
Cast Carl Lindbergh as Bunnyman
Cast David Scott (3) as Joe
Cast Rebecca Scott as Bunnyman Victim
Cast Matthew Stiller as Michael - Bunnyman
Cast Shelby Stingley as Bunnyman Victim
Cast Lucia Sullivan as Melissa
Cast Emerald Brown Cronin as Little Girl (uncredited)
Cast Michael Cronin (2) as 8mm Killer (uncredited)
Cast Rebecca Grayce as Maria (uncredited)
Cast Jennifer Hatley as Bunnymans Mother (uncredited)
Cast Rosie Tisch as Victim (uncredited)
Associate Producer Jennifer Hatley
Producer Carl Lindbergh
Music Peter Scartabello
Cinematographer John Grove*
Film Editor Carl Lindbergh
Art Director Jeff Wiltz
Assistant Make-up Artist Andrew Chavez
Key Make-up Artist Denise Chavez*
Make-up Department Head Denise Chavez*
Special Make-up Effects Artist Denise M. Chavez
Assistant Director Rebecca Grayce
SFX Props Denise Chavez*
Special Effects Make-up Denise Chavez*
Special Effects Michael Cronin (2)
Casting Assistant Kevin J. Goff
Assistant Editor Joshua Lang
Composer: Theme Music Peter Scartabello
Driver: Cast Denise Chavez*
Notes A couple of dimwitted teens get chased by a killer dressed in a bunny suit.


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