La Notte Che Evelyn Uscì Dalla Tomba


Main Details
Premiere Date 1971-08-18
Alternative Titles
  • Die Grotte der vergessenen Leichen (Austria)
  • Holocauste pour une vierge (France (video title))
  • La crypte du fou (France (video title))
  • L'appel de la chair (France)
  • Kataigida stin epavli ton orgion (Greece (transliterated title))
  • Tin nyhta pou i Evelyn vgike ap' ton tafo tis (Greece (reissue title))
  • Noc, kiedy Evelyn wyszła z grobu (Poland)
  • Regressada da Tumba (Portugal)
  • Ночью Эвелин вышла из могилы (Soviet Union (Russian title))
  • La noche que Evelyn salió de la tumba (Spain)
  • Yılanların gecesi (Turkey (Turkish title))
  • The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave (English)
  • Die Grotte der vergessenen Leichen (West Germany)
  • Stumme Schreie (West Germany (video title))
  • The Night She Arose from the Tomb
  • The Night That Evelyn Left the Tomb
Category Feature Film
Director Emilio P. Miraglia*
Writer (Story) Fabio Pittorru
Writer (Story) Massimo Felisatti
Writer (Screenplay) Fabio Pittorru
Writer (Screenplay) Massimo Felisatti
Writer (Screenplay) Emilio P. Miraglia*
Actor Anthony Steffen as Lord Alan Cunningham
Actress Marina Malfatti as Gladys Cunningham
Actor Rod Murdock* as George Harriman
Actor Giacomo Rossi Stuart as Dr. Richard Timberlane
Actor Umberto Raho as Farley
Actor Roberto Maldera as Albert
Actress Joan C. Davies* as Aunt Agatha
Actress Erika Blanc as Susie
Actor Ettore Bevilacqua as Il Custode Del Cimitero
Actor Montinaro Brizio*
Actress M. Teresa Toffano* as Polly
Actress Paola Natale as Evelyn
Producer Antonio Sarno
Music Bruno Nicolai
Director Of Photography Gastone Di Giovanni
Film Editor Romeo Ciatti
Art Director Lorenzo Baraldi
Costume Design Lorenzo Baraldi
Hair Stylist Giuseppina Bovino*
Make-up Artist Marcello Di Paolo
Assistant Director Palmambrogio Molteni*
Assistant Art Director Marco Dentici
Boom Operator Armando Jamota*
Sound Engineer Fiorenzo Magli
Sound Mixer Mario Morigi
Camera Operator Fernando Gallandt
Assistant Editor Gabriele Ingafù
Script Supervisor Patrizia Zulini
Production Secretary Alberto Passone
Voice Dubbing: Umberto Raho Nino Dal Fabbro as (uncredited)
Voice Dubbing: Joan C. Davies Gabriella Genta as (uncredited)
Voice Dubbing: Marina Malfatti Laura Gianoli as (uncredited)
Voice Dubbing: Erika Blanc Noemi Gifuni as (uncredited)
Voice Dubbing Antonio Guidi as (uncredited)
Voice Dubbing: Roberto Maldera Alessandro Iovino as (uncredited)
Voice Dubbing: Ettore Bevilacqua Mario Milita as (uncredited)
Voice Dubbing Mirella Pace as (uncredited)
Voice Dubbing: Anthony Steffen Dario Penne as (uncredited)
Production Company Phoenix Cinematografica
Distributor Miracle Films as (1972) (UK) (theatrical) (dubbed)
Distributor Phase One as (1972) (USA) (theatrical) (dubbed)
Distributor Astral Films as (1972) (Canada) (theatrical) (dubbed)
Distributor Filmzentrum as (1976) (Austria) (theatrical)
Distributor American-International Television (AIP-TV) as (USA) (TV) (syndication)
Distributor Iris as (2016) (Italy) (TV)
Fashion Clothing Designs Alphonsine, Roma
Dubbing C.I.D.
Music Publisher CAM S.p.A.*
Music Publisher Cidias
Sound Recording Cinefonico Palatino
Production Facilities SAFA Palatino*
Lanaro Furniture Vicenza-Padova
Notes A rich, mentally unstable man who's obsessed with his deceased wife invites women to the family castle for a game of deadly S&M. He suddenly decides to get married to the beautiful Gladys, but does she have his best interests at heart?


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