Main Details
Premiere Date 1977-02-01
Alternative Titles
  • Suspiria - Tappavat Huokaukset (Finnish)
  • Suspiria - In Den Krallen Des Bösen (German)
  • Суспирия (Russian)
  • Sasuperia (Japanese)
Category Feature Film
Director Dario Argento
Assistant Antonio Gabrielli as Assistant Director
Writer Dario Argento
Writer Daria Nicolodi
Producer Claudio Argento
Executive Producer Salvatore Argento
Production Company Seda Spettacoli
Director Of Photography Luciano Tovoli
Film Editor Franco Fraticelli
Production Designer Giuseppe Bassan
Creator Germano Natali as Special Effects
Creator Pierangelo Cicoletti as Costume Design
Creator Pierantonio Mecacci as Make-up (Trucco)
Creator Maria Teresa Corridoni as Make-up (Trucco)
Creator Piero Mecacci as Make-up (Trucco)
Creator Aldo Signoretti as Make-up (Trucco)
Sound Luciano Anzellotti
Music Dario Argento
Music By The Goblins*
Starring Jessica Harper as Suzy Bannion
Starring Stefania Casini as Sara
Actor Flavio Bucci as Daniel, The Blind Man (Il Cieco)
Actor Miguel Bosé as Mark
Actress Barbara Magnolfi as Olga
Actress Susanna Javicoli as Sonia
Actress Eva Axén as Pat Hingle
Actor Rudolf Schündler as Prof. Milius
Actor Udo Kier as Dr. Frank Mandel
Actress Alida Valli as Miss Tanner
Actress Joan Bennett as Madame Blanc
Actress Margherita Horowitz as Teacher
Actor Jacopo Mariani as Albert
Actor Fulvio Mingozzi as Taxi Driver
Actress Franca Scagnetti as Cook
Actress Serafina Scorceletti as 2nd Cook
Actress Lela Svasta as Helena Markos
Actor Renato Scarpa as Prof. Verdegast
Actor Giuseppe Transocchi as Pavlo
Actress Renata Zamengo as Caroline
Actor Giovanni Di Bernardo as Police Inspector
Actress Alessandra Capozzi as Dancer
Actor Salvatore Capozzi as Dancer
Actress Diana Ferrara as Dancer
Actress Cristina Latini as Dancer
Actor Alfredo Raino as Dancer
Actress Claudia Zaccari as Dancer
Notes The movie is inspired by the novel "Suspiria De Profundis" by Thomas de Quincey written in 1845.

The film was shot in various German locations such as the Black Forest, Munich and Freiburg.
Due to the refusal of permission to shoot some scenes, the production was forced to reconstruct the exteriors and interiors of the original Freiburg Dance Academy at the De Paolis Studios in Rome (Theater 5) although some parts filmed in the original location remain in the final editing.
Some minor scenes was filmed in Santa Maria di Galeria, near Rome.

The film is the first chapter of "the trilogy of the three mothers" and has had two sequels: "Inferno" (1980) and "La Terza Madre" (2007).


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