Main Details
Premiere Date 1985-03-04
Alternative Titles
  • Robotech: The Macross Saga (English (Episodes 1-36))
  • Robotech: The Masters Saga (English (Episodes 37-60))
  • Robotech: The Robotech Masters (English (Episodes 37-60))
  • Robotech: The New Generation (English (Episodes 61-85))
  • ロボテック (Japanese)
  • Роботех (Russian)
Category TV Show / TV Series
Supervising Director Robert Barron
Story Editor Carl Macek
Voice Actor Aline Leslie* as Lisa Hayes
Voice Actor Tony Oliver as Rick Hunter
Voice Actor Reba West* as Lynn Minmei
Voice Actor Melissa Newman as Dana Sterling
Voice Actor Greg Snow* as Scott Bernard
Executive Producer Carl Macek
Associate Producer Jehan Agrama
Producer Carl Macek
Composer Ulpio Minucci
Production Company Harmony Gold USA, Inc.
Notes Amalgamated from three distinct Japanese anime series, Robotech tells the story of Earth's response to three separate extraterrestrial invasions.

Originally aired for 85 episodes from 1985 to 1986 via syndication in the United States.


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