Eine Armee Gretchen


Main Details
Premiere Date 1973-08-21
Alternative Titles
  • Fräuleins in Uniform (Austria (DVD box title))
  • Gretchen sans uniformes (Belgium (French title) (original subtitled version))
  • As Nazistas Taradas (Brazil (theatrical title))
  • Fraulein Without Uniform (Canada (English title) (dubbed version))
  • Nazilægens frontludere (Denmark)
  • SS-naiset rintamalla (Finland)
  • Naarasnatsit (Finland)
  • Neitsytarmeija (Finland)
  • Gretchen sans uniforme (France)
  • Fraulein in uniforme (Italy)
  • Straffkommando øst (Norway)
  • Straffkommando øst - Nazilegens frontluddere (Norway (DVD title))
  • Straffekompani øst (Norway (alternative spelling))
  • Армия Гретхен (Soviet Union (Russian title))
  • Straffkommando öst (Sweden (video box title))
  • Gretchen en uniforme (Switzerland (French title) (original subtitled version))
  • Frauleins in Uniform (UK (video title))
  • She Devils of the SS (USA)
  • SS Cutthroats (USA (dubbed version))
  • The Cutthroats (USA (dubbed version))
Category Feature Film
Director Erwin C. Dietrich
Writer (Novel) Karl-Heinz Helms-Liesenhoff
Writer (Screenplay) Manfred Gregor*
Writer (Dialogue) Christine Lembach
Cast Elisabeth Felchner as Marga Kuhn
Cast Karin Heske as Eva Kuhn
Cast Renate Kasche* as Ulrike Von Menzinger
Cast Carl Möhner as Dr. Felix Kuhn
Cast Helmut Förnbacher as Captain Mannteufel
Cast Alexander Allerson as Colonel Stett
Cast Hasso Preiß as Major
Cast Birgit Bergen as Supplies Officer
Cast Milan Beli as Aljoscha
Cast Anne Graf as Intelligence Chief Stein
Cast Klaus Knuth as Gestapo Officer
Cast Elke Boltenhagen as Claudia
Cast Michael Jachel* as G.I. Lieutenant
Cast Frank Krönes as German Officer
Cast Elisabeth Fricker as Recruit Goldschmidt
Cast Eduard Huber as German Officer
Cast Christiane Lanius
Cast Walter Kraus as Karl
Cast Olga Gebhard as Mrs. Kuhn
Cast Claudia Fielers as Elisabeth Vorrat
Cast Gerard Amann* as German Officer
Cast Monika Marc* as Radio Operator
Cast Zbigniew Stok
Cast Monika Rhode* as Monika Klimm
Cast Jörg Coray* as Storm Section Officer
Cast Raphael Britten as Officer At Party (uncredited)
Cast Christian Brückner (2) as Captain Mannteufel (voice) (uncredited)
Cast Oliver Domnik as G.I. Lieutenant (uncredited)
Cast Marisa Feldy as Susi Wehage (uncredited)
Cast Judith Fritsch as Radio Operator (uncredited)
Cast Karin Hofmann as Recruit (uncredited)
Cast Kurt Meinicke as Lieutenant (uncredited)
Cast Evelyn Raess as Kasta Keller (uncredited)
Cast Ursula Reit as Nun Anna (uncredited)
Cast Uschi Stiegelmaier as Radio Operator (uncredited)
Cast Marita Vogelsang as Radio Operator (uncredited)
Cast Wolfgang Ziffer as Officer At Party (voice) (uncredited)
Producer Erwin C. Dietrich
Executive Producer Steve Petrovic*
Music Walter Baumgartner
Cinematographer Peter Baumgartner
Film Editor Marie-Luise Buschke
Production Designer Rolf Engler
Production Designer Vladimir Lasic
Costume Design Heiler*
Make-up Artist Valeria Hunger
Make-up Artist Erzebet Kovac*
Production Manager Georges Morf
Assistant Director Dusan Zega
Props Hans Stamm
Foley Artist Karl Gernot
Foley Artist Hans W. Kramski*
Sound Klaus Kunsemüller
Pyrotechnics Zivan
Camera Assistant Marcel Just
Still Photographer Ernst Meier*
Distributor Miracle Films as (1974) (UK) (theatrical)
Distributor Cinépix Film Properties (CFP) as (Canada) (theatrical) (dubbed) (as 'Fraulein Without a Uniform')
Notes In the last days of WW2, women are volunteering from all over Germany to serve in the front lines by having sex with the brave Nazi soldiers. But when they start having sex with each other, things get complicated. Especially with the increasing danger from the revengeful Soviet army!


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