Main Details
Premiere Date 1941-10-23
Alternative Titles
  • Дамбо (Russian)
Category Feature Film
Directed By Ben Sharpsteen
Directed By Norman Ferguson
Directed By Wilfred Jackson
Directed By Bill Roberts
Directed By Jack Kinney
Produced By Walt Disney
Story By Otto Englander
Story By Joe Grant
Story By Dick Huemer
Based on the Novel by Harold Pearl
Voice Edward Brophy as Timothy Q. Mouse
Voice Verna Felton as Elephant Matriarch
Voice Cliff Edwards as Jim Crow
Voice Herman Bing as Ringmaster
Voice Margaret Wright as Casey Junior
Voice Sterling Holloway as Mr. Stork
Voice Noreen Gammill as Elephant Catty
Voice Dorothy Scott as Elephant Giddy
Voice Sarah Selby as Elephant Prissy
Voice Malcolm Hutton as Skinny
Voice Billy Bletcher as Clown
Narrator John McLeish
Music By Frank Churchill
Music By Oliver Wallace
Production Company Walt Disney Productions
Distributed By RKO Radio Pictures
Notes Disney Classic no. 4


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