Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends


Main Details
Premiere Date 1981-09-12
Category TV Show / TV Series
Based on the Comic Stan Lee
Based on the Comic Steve Ditko
Production Company Marvel Productions
Voice Actor Dan Gilvezan as Peter Parker / Spider-Man
Voice Actor Kathy Garver as Angelica Jones / Firestar / Storm
Voice Actor Frank Welker as Iceman / Bobby Drake / Flash Thompson / Ms. Lion / Daredevil / Francis Byte / Matt Murdock / Stan Blockbuster / Videoman / Wolf-Thing
Voice Actor Stan Lee as Narrator
Voice Actor Dick Tufeld as Opening announcer
Voice Actor June Foray as Aunt May Parker
Voice Actor John Stephenson as Colossus / Doctor Strange / Eric the Viking / Loki / Mordred / Surtur / The Shocker / Thunderbird / Uncle Ben Parker / Ymir
Voice Actor Neil Ross as Nathan Price / Cyberiad
Voice Actor George DiCenzo as Captain America
Voice Actor Anne Lockhart as Aurora Dante / Lightwave
Notes Spider-Man battles crime in New York City with the help of Iceman and Firestar.


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