Die Liebestollen Apothekerstöchter


Main Details
Premiere Date 1972
Alternative Titles
  • Naughty Nymphs (English)
  • Passion Pill Swingers (English Alternative)
  • Don't Tell Daddy (UK Title)
  • Satin Panties (Reissue Title)
Category Feature Film
Director Franz Antel
Director Michel Caputo
Writer Hans Billian
Writer Gretl Löwinger
Actress Sybil Danning as Elizabeth
Actress Eva Garden as Maria
Actress Alena Penz as Christel
Actress Christiane Maybach as Tante Lilofee
Actor Claus Tinney as Dr. Markus
Actor Wolfgang Jansen as Nikolas
Actor Sascha Hehn as Peter Foster
Actor Erich Padalewski as Klapsberger
Actor Rinaldo Talamonti as Cesare
Actor Josef Moosholzer as Giselher
Actor Paul Löwinger as Willibald Bumshäuptl
Actor Johannes Buzalski as Patiant
Actor Peter Böhlke as Hotel porter
Actress Imka Eberle as Phantasy girl
Actor Walter Feuchtenberg as Berger
Actor Horst Pasderski as Holler
Actress Ursula Reit as Cook
Actor Michael von Harbach as Postman
Cinematographer Ernst W. Kalinke
Film Editor Helga Borsche
Notes There is 2 version of this film a cut and uncut version.


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