Gatto Nero


Main Details
Premiere Date 1981
Alternative Titles
  • Black Cat (English)
  • The Black Cat (English (US))
  • Le Chat Noir (French)
  • Die Schwarze Katze (German)
  • O Gato Preto (Portuguese)
  • El Gato Negro (Spanish)
Director Lucio Fulci
From A Story By Edgar Allan Poe
Starring Patrick Magee as Prof. Robert Miles
Starring Mimsy Farmer as Jill Travers
Starring David Warbeck as Inspector Gorley
Starring Al Cliver as Sergente Wilson
Actor Dagmar Lassander as Lillian Grayson
Actor Bruno Corazzari as Ferguson
Actor Daniela Doria as Maureen Grayson
Music By Pino Donaggio


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