7, Hyden Park: La Casa Maledetta


Main Details
Premiere Date 1985-08-10
Alternative Titles
  • Presencia siniestra (Argentina)
  • Formule pour un meurtre (France)
  • Syntagi gia fono (Greece (video title))
  • Seven Hyden Park: la casa maledetta (Italy (alternative spelling))
  • 7, Hyden Park: Fórmula para Um Crime (Portugal)
  • Dehşet Çığlığı (Turkey (Turkish title))
  • Das Haus der Verfluchten (West Germany)
  • Formula for a Murder (World-wide (English title))
  • Formula per un assassinio
Category Feature Film
Director Martin Herbert*
Writer Martin Herbert*
Writer Frank Walker*
Cast Christina Nagy as Joanna
Cast David Warbeck as Craig
Cast Carroll Blumenberg as Ruth
Cast Rossano Brazzi as Dr. Sernich
Cast Andrea Bosic as Father Peter
Cast Loris Loddi as Father Davis
Cast Adriana Giuffrè
Cast Daniela De Carolis
Cast Rodolfo Ruzza
Cast Andy Covella as Deckhand On Ferry (uncredited)
Cast Arthur Webber Jr. as (uncredited)
Producer David Colby*
Music Francesco De Masi
Cinematographer Lawrence Barkey*
Film Editor Vincent P. Thomas*
Production Designer Julian Wilson*
Costume Design Valentina Di Palma
Make-up Artist Harris Girol*
Hair Stylist Martha Turcher*
Unit Production Manager Fabrizio De Martino
Props Richard Ross*
Dubbing Editor Nick Alexander
Re-Recording Engineer Bruno Moreal
Special Effects Vagni Luca G.*
Still Photographer Antony Benett*
Camera Operator Ralph Chasse
Assistant Camera Paul Giles
Second Assistant Editor Roger Kalze*
Color Consultant L. Vittori*
Voice Dubbing: David Warbeck (Italian Version) Antonio Colonnello as (uncredited)
Voice Dubbing: Carroll Blumenberg (Italian Version) Stefania Giacarelli as (uncredited)
Voice Dubbing: Christina Nagy (English Version) Susan Spafford as (uncredited)
Voice Dubbing: Christina Nagy (Italian Version) Serena Spaziani as (uncredited)
Voice Dubbing: Carroll Blumenberg (English Version) Pat Starke as (uncredited)
Voice Dubbing: David Warbeck (English Version) Frank von Kuegelgen as (uncredited)
Production Company Fulvia Film
Distributor Ascot Filmverleih as (1986) (West Germany) (theatrical)
Distributor Delta as (1985) (Italy) (theatrical)
Distributor Distribuzione Lanciamento Film (DLF) as (1985) (Italy) (theatrical)
Furniture Rancati*
Wigs Rocchetti e Carboni
Notes David Warbeck stars as an instructor who marries a traumatized, crippled woman. The wife suffers from PTSD and is tormented by a traumatic event that happened in her past. What is even more unfortunate is that her marriage is a just part of her maniac husband's evil scheme to kill her for her money. It isn't long before the formula is put into action and the gory body count starts to mount.


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