The Kidnapping Of The President


Main Details
Premiere Date 1980-08-15
Alternative Titles
  • Presidentin kidnappaus (Finnish)
  • L'enlèvement du président (French)
  • Die Entführung des Präsidenten (German)
  • I apagogi tou proedrou (Greek (video title))
  • Az elnök elrablása (Hungarian)
  • Rapimento di un presidente (Italian)
  • O Rapto do Presidente (Portuguese)
  • El secuestro del presidente (Spanish)
Category Feature Film
Director George Mendeluk
Writer (Screenplay) Richard Murphy
Writer (Novel) Charles Templeton
Actor William Shatner as Jerry O'Connor
Actor Hal Holbrook as President Adam Scott
Actor Van Johnson as Vice President Ethan Richards
Actress Ava Gardner as Beth Richards
Actor Miguel Fernandes as Roberto Assanti
Actress Cindy Girling as Linda Steiner
Actress Elizabeth Shepherd as Joan Scott
Actor Michael J. Reynolds as MacKenzie
Actor Gary Reineke as Deitrich
Actor Maury Chaykin as Harvey Cannon
Actor Murray Westgate as Archie Standler
Actor Ken Anderson (3) as Willis
Actor Sully Boyar as FBI Chief
Actor Patrick Brymer as Jesus Freak
Actress Jackie Burroughs as Woman Agent


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