FIP: Attack Of The Fippers


Main Details
Premiere Date 2005-12-10
Category Other
Production Company Full Impact Pro
Wrestler Adam Pearce
Wrestler Azrieal
Wrestler Benny Blanco
Wrestler Bryan Danielson
Wrestler Chasyn Rance
Wrestler Colt Cabana
Wrestler Dave Prazak
Wrestler Erick Stevens
Wrestler Jaison Moore
Wrestler Jay Fury
Wrestler Jerrelle Clark
Wrestler Jimmy Rave
Wrestler Kahagas
Wrestler Kory Chavis
Wrestler Masked Fipper #7*
Wrestler Masked Fipper #8*
Wrestler Milano Collection A.T.
Wrestler Phil Davis (2)
Wrestler Roderick Strong
Wrestler Sal Rinauro
Wrestler Sean Davis
Wrestler Sean Waltman
Wrestler Seth Delay
Wrestler SoCal Val
Wrestler Steve Madison
Notes Singles Match
Bryan Danielson (w/Dave Prazak) vs. Roderick Strong
Five Way Fray
Benny Blanco vs. Chasyn Rance vs. Jaison Moore vs. Kahagas vs. Seth Delay
Singles Match
Colt Cabana vs. Milano Collection AT (w/SoCal Val)
Singles Match
Kory Chavis (w/SoCal Val) vs. Sal Rinauro
No Disqualification Tag Team Match
Fast And Furious (Jay Fury & Jerrelle Clark) vs. Miracle Violence Connection 2005 (Erick Stevens & Steve Madison)
Tag Team Match
DP Associates (Adam Pearce & Jimmy Rave) (w/Dave Prazak) vs. Azrieal & Sean Waltman
Tag Team Match
Masked Fippers (Masked Fipper #7 & Masked Fipper #8) vs. Heartbreak Express (Phil Davis & Sean Davis) (w/Kory Chavis & SoCal Val)


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