I Tre Volti Della Paura


Main Details
Premiere Date 1963-08-17
Alternative Titles
  • Black Sabbath (English)
  • Чёрная Суббота, Или Три Лица Страха (Russian)
  • Три Лика Страха (Russian)
  • Die drei Gesichter der Furcht (German)
Category Feature Film
Director Mario Bava
Writer Mario Bava
Writer Alberto Bevilacqua
Writer Anton Chekhov*
Writer Marcello Fondato
Writer F.G. Snyder
Writer Aleksei Tolstoy*
Writer Guy de Maupassant
Actor Michèle Mercier as Rosy
Actor Lidia Alfonsi* as Mary
Actor Boris Karloff as Gorca
Actor Mark Damon as Vladimir D'Urfe
Actor Susy Andersen as Sdenka
Actor Massimo Righi as Pietro
Actor Rika Dialyna as Maria
Actor Glauco Onorato as Giorgio
Actor Jacqueline Pierreux as Helen Chester
Actor Milly as The Maid
Actor Harriet Medin as Neighbor
Actor Gustavo De Nardo as Police Inspector
Music By Roberto Nicolosi
Notes The American version as "Black Sabbath" was made in cooperation with American International Pictures and the producers known for Roger Corman films. It was totally re-cut with the stories presented in a different order (some new scenes added and some cut) and with a music score by Les Baxter.


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