The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada


Main Details
Premiere Date 2005-05-20
Alternative Titles
  • Three Burials (English)
  • Kolmesti Kuopattu (Finnish)
  • Trois Enterrements (French)
  • Three Burials - Die Drei Begräbnisse Des Melquiades Estrada (German)
  • Οι Tρεις Tαφές Tου Μελκιάδες Εστράδα (Greek)
  • Os Três Enterros De Um Homem (Portuguese)
  • Три Mогилы (Russian)
  • Los Tres Entierros De Melquiades Estrada (Spanish)
Category Feature Film
Producer Luc Besson
Producer Michael Fitzgerald
Producer Tommy Lee Jones
Producer Pierre-Ange Le Pogam
Director Tommy Lee Jones
Writer Guillermo Arriaga
Cinematographer Chris Menges
Editor Roberto Silvi
Music Marco Beltrami
Cast Tommy Lee Jones as Pete Perkins
Cast Barry Pepper as Mike Norton
Cast Dwight Yoakam as Belmont
Cast January Jones as Lou Ann Norton
Actor Melissa Leo as Rachel
Actor Levon Helm as Old Man with Radio
Notes 2005 Cannes Film Festival Nominations:

Palme D'Or (Tommy Lee Jones)
Best Actor (Tommy Lee Jones)-WINNER
Best Screenplay (Guillermo Arriaga)-WINNER


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