Halo: The Fall Of Reach


Main Details
Premiere Date 2015-10-27
Alternative Titles
  • Halo: Падение Предела (Russian)
Category TV Show / TV Series
Director Ian Kirby
Writer Heath Corson
Based on the Novel Eric Nylund
Voice Actor Jen Taylor as Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey
Voice Actor Steve Downes as Master Chief
Voice Actor Michelle Lukes as Deja
Voice Actor Britt Baron as Linda
Voice Actor Travis Willingham as Admiral Ysionris Jeromi
Voice Actor John Eric Bentley as Lt. Ops Station
Voice Actor Todd Haberkorn as Fred
Voice Actor Cole Jensen as John
Voice Actor Francesca Manzi as Kelly
Voice Actor Richard Cansino as Mendez
Voice Actor Matthew Waterson as Captain Wallaci
Voice Actor Izabela Vidovic as Teen
Voice Actor Antony Del Rio as Samuel 34
Executive Producer Frank O'Connor
Producer Corrinne Robinson
Executive Producer Dan Sioui
Producer Tina Summerford
Executive Producer Kiki Wolfkill
Music Tom Salta
Voice Director Kevin McMullan
Production Company Microsoft
Distributor Microsoft
Notes The origin of Spartan 117, a.k.a. Master Chief.

Originally aired for 3 episodes in 2015 on the Halo Channel.


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