The Hand Of Fear


Main Details
Premiere Date 1976-10-02
Category TV Episode
Director Lennie Mayne
Producer Philip Hinchcliffe
Writer Bob Baker
Writer Dave Martin
Script Editor Robert Holmes
Incidental Music Composer Dudley Simpson
Production Company British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Cast Tom Baker as The Doctor
Cast Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith
Cast Judith Paris as Eldrad
Cast Stephen Thorne as Kastrian Eldrad
Cast Roy Pattison as Zazzka
Cast Roy Skelton as King Rokon
Cast Rex Robinson as Dr Carter
Cast Glyn Houston as Professor Watson
Cast Frances Pidgeon as Miss Jackson
Cast John Cannon as Elgin
Cast Roy Boyd as Driscoll
Cast David Purcell as Abbott
Cast Renu Setna as Intern
Cast Robin Hargrave as Guard
Notes Doctor Who
  • Season 14, Serial 2 (4N)
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