Delta And The Bannermen


Main Details
Premiere Date 1987-11-02
Category TV Episode
Director Chris Clough
Producer John Nathan-Turner
Writer Malcolm Kohll
Script Editor Andrew Cartmel
Incidental Music Composer Keff McCulloch
Production Company British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Cast Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor
Cast Bonnie Langford as Mel Bush
Cast Don Henderson as Gavrok
Cast Belinda Mayne as Delta
Cast Richard Davies as Burton
Cast Stubby Kaye as Weismuller
Cast Morgan Deare as Hawk
Cast David Kinder as Billy
Cast Martyn Geraint as Vinny
Cast Sara Griffiths as Ray
Cast Hugh Lloyd as Goronwy
Cast Ken Dodd as Tollmaster
Cast Brian Hibbard as Keillor
Cast Johnny Dennis as Murray
Cast Leslie Meadows as Adlon
Cast Anita Graham as Bollitt
Cast Clive Condon as Callon
Cast Richard Mitchley as Arrex
Cast Tim Scott as Chima
Cast Jessica McGough as Young Chimeron
Cast Amy Osborn as Young Chimeron
Cast Laura Collins as Chimeron Princess
Cast Carley Joseph as Chimeron Princess
Cast Robin Aspland as Lorell
Cast Keff McCulloch as Lorell
Cast Justin Myers as Lorell
Cast Ralph Salmins as Lorell
Cast Tracey Wilson as Vocalist
Cast Jodie Wilson as Vocalist
Notes Doctor Who
  • Season 24, Serial 3 (7F)
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