The Reign Of Terror


Main Details
Premiere Date 1964-08-08
Category TV Episode
Director Henric Hirsch
Producer Verity Lambert
Producer Mervyn Pinfield
Writer Dennis Spooner
Script Editor David Whitaker
Incidental Music Composer Stanley Myers
Production Company British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Cast William Hartnell as The Doctor
Cast Carole Ann Ford as Susan Foreman
Cast Jacqueline Hill as Barbara Wright
Cast William Russell as Ian Chesterton
Cast Keith Anderson as Robespierre
Cast Tony Wall as Napoléon Bonaparte
Cast Jack Cunningham as Jailer
Cast Jeffry Wickham as Webster
Cast Neville Smith as D'Argenson
Cast Laidlaw Dalling as Rouvray
Cast Peter Walker (2) as Small Boy
Cast James Cairncross as Lemaitre
Cast Roy Herrick as Jean
Cast Donald Morley as Jules Renan
Cast Caroline Hunt as Danielle
Cast Edward Brayshaw as Léon Colbert
Cast John Law as Paul Barras
Cast Dallas Cavell as Road Works Overseer
Cast Dennis Cleary as Peasant
Cast John Barrard as Shopkeeper
Cast Ronald Pickup as Physician
Cast Howard Charlton as Judge
Cast Robert Hunter as Sergeant
Cast Ken Lawrence as Lieutenant
Cast James Hall (3) as Soldier
Cast Patrick Marley as Soldier
Cast Terry Bale as Soldier
Notes Doctor Who
  • Season 1, Serial 8 (H)

    This story comprises of the individually titled episodes
  • A Land Of Fear
  • Guests Of Madame Guillotine
  • A Change Of Identity
  • The Tyrant Of France
  • A Bargain Of Necessity
  • Prisoners Of Conciergerie
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