The Ark


Main Details
Premiere Date 1966-03-05
Category TV Episode
Director Michael Imison
Producer John Wiles
Writer Paul Erickson
Writer Lesley Scott
Script Editor Gerry Davis
Incidental Music Composer Tristram Cary
Production Company British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Cast William Hartnell as The Doctor
Cast Peter Purves as Steven Taylor
Cast Jackie Lane as Dodo Chaplet
Cast Eric Elliott as Commander
Cast Inigo Jackson as Zentos
Cast Roy Spencer as Manyak
Cast Michael Sheard as Rhos
Cast Kate Newman as Mellium
Cast Ian Frost as Baccu
Cast Stephanie Heesom as Guardian
Cast Paul Greenhalgh as Guardian
Cast Edmund Coulter as Monoid
Cast Frank George as Monoid
Cast Ralph Carrigan as Monoid
Cast John Caesar as Monoid
Voice Actor John Halstead as Monoids
Voice Actor Roy Skelton as Monoids
Cast Terence Woodfield as Maharis
Cast Brian Wright as Dassuk
Cast Eileen Helsby as Venussa
Cast Terence Bayler as Yendom
Voice Actor Richard Beale as Refusian
Notes Doctor Who
  • Season 3, Serial 5 (X)

  • This story comprises of the individually titled episodes
  • The Steel Sky
  • The Plague
  • The Return
  • The Bomb
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