The Keys Of Marinus


Main Details
Premiere Date 1964-04-11
Category TV Episode
Director John Gorrie
Producer Verity Lambert
Producer Mervyn Pinfield
Writer Terry Nation
Script Editor David Whitaker
Incidental Music Composer Norman Kay
Production Company British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Cast William Hartnell as The Doctor
Cast Carole Ann Ford as Susan Foreman
Cast Jacqueline Hill as Barbara Wright
Cast William Russell as Ian Chesterton
Cast George Coulouris as Arbitan
Cast Martin Cort as Voord / Warrior / Ice Soldier / Aydan
Cast Peter Stenson as Voord / Ice Soldier / Second Judge
Cast Gordon Wales as Voord
Cast Robin Phillips as Altos
Cast Katharine Schofield as Sabetha
Voice Actor Heron Carvic as Morpho
Cast Edmund Warwick as Darrius
Cast Francis de Wolff as Vasor
Cast Michael Allaby as Ice Soldier / Larn
Cast Alan James as Ice Soldier / First Judge / Guard
Cast Anthony Verner as Ice Soldier
Cast Henley Thomas as Tarron
Cast Raf De La Torre as Senior Judge
Cast Fiona Walker as Kala
Cast Donald Pickering as Eyesen
Cast Stephen Dartnell as Yartek
Cast Dougie Dean as Eprin
Notes Doctor Who
  • Season 1, Serial 1 (A)

  • This story comprises of the individually titled episodes
  • The Sea Of Death
  • The Velvet Web
  • The Screaming Jungle
  • The Snows Of Terror
  • Sentence Of Death
  • The Keys Of Marinus
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