The Mind Robber


Main Details
Premiere Date 1968-09-14
Category TV Episode
Director David Maloney
Producer Peter Bryant
Writer Peter Ling
Writer Derrick Sherwin
Production Company British Broadcasting Corporation
Cast Patrick Troughton as The Doctor
Cast Frazer Hines as Jamie McCrimmon
Cast Hamish Wilson as Jamie McCrimmon
Cast Wendy Padbury as Zoe Heriot
Cast Emrys Jones as The Master
Cast Bernard Horsfall as Gulliver
Cast Christopher Robbie as Karkus
Cast Sue Pulford as Medusa
Cast Philip Ryan as Redcoat
Cast Christine Pirie as Princess Rapunzel
Cast John Greenwood as D'Artagnan / Sir Lancelot
Cast David Cannon as Cyrano de Bergerac
Cast Gerry Wain as Blackbeard
Cast Paul Alexander (2) as Soldier
Cast Ian Hines as Soldier
Cast Richard Ireson as Soldier
Cast Barbara Loft as Children
Cast Sylvestra Le Touzel as Children
Cast Timothy Horton as Children
Cast Christopher Reynalds as Children
Cast David Reynalds as Children
Cast Martin Langley as Children
Cast John Atterbury as Robot
Cast Ralph Carrigan as Robot
Cast Bill Wiesener as Robot
Cast Terry Wright as Robot
Notes Doctor Who
- Season 6, Serial 2 (UU)


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