Remembrance Of The Daleks


Main Details
Premiere Date 1988-10-05
Category TV Episode
Director Andrew Morgan
Producer John Nathan-Turner
Writer Ben Aaronovitch
Script Editor Andrew Cartmel
Incidental Music Composer Keff McCulloch
Production Company British Broadcasting Corporation
Cast Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor
Cast Sophie Aldred as Ace
Cast Terry Molloy as Emperor Dalek / Davros
Cast Simon Williams as Group Captain Gilmore
Cast Pamela Salem as Professor Rachel Jensen
Cast Karen Gledhill as Allison
Cast Dursley McLinden as Sergeant Mike Smith
Cast George Sewell as Ratcliffe
Cast Harry Fowler as Harry
Cast Jasmine Breaks as Girl
Cast Joseph Marcell as John
Cast Peter Hamilton Dyer as Embery
Cast Michael Sheard as Headmaster
Cast Peter Halliday as Vicar
Cast William Thomas as Martin
Cast Derek Keller as Kaufman
Voice Actor John Leeson (2)
Cast Hugh Spight as Dalek Operator
Cast John Scott Martin as Dalek Operator
Cast Tony Starr as Dalek Operator
Cast Cy Town as Dalek Operator
Voice Actor Roy Skelton as Dalek
Voice Actor Royce Mills as Dalek
Voice Actor Brian Miller as Dalek
Notes Doctor Who
- Season 25, Serial 1 (7H)


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